Class357 Typeface Design (2017)

It may have taken me almost a year of fluctuating interest and four iterations, but I present to you 'Class357' - A typeface built from giving purpose to time we would otherwise waste.

Time is precious, but we're all guilty of willingly wasting time- thats fine. But I don't like to be forced to feel like i have to waste time.

My commute to work from Grays (Essex) to Greenwich (London) is roughly an 80 minute journey, I hated it because thats almost 3 hours a day where i'm forced to sit still (If im lucky to get a seat) and coexist with people heading in the same direction.The prospect of doing this over a long period of time made me feel uncomfortable. I wanted a better experience, I wanted to use that time to benefit me and my career.

“Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good.”― Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers

I started packing a sketchbook with me every day and would doodle type with the goal that one day I would eventually have something that was built up through small bursts of development.