Samuel Beckett Season

For this project we had to create 4 unified posters for a season of plays by Samuel Beckett. I knew that typographically speaking, i wanted to do something different from what I had become accustom to when juggling The Hubble Space Telescope and Cultural Identity Crisis. Instead of a modular typeface or distorting existing typefaces I chose to experiment with calligraphic letterforms. I filled an entire sketchbook with sketches, compositions and general practice- coming from a position with little experience digital calligraphy, I had to learn fast and adapt to meet deadlines.

Once finished with the calligraphic elements of each poster, I moved on to creating a solid typographic composition to display necessary information in a way that delivers on hierarchy. For this I used Avenir Black, all caps.

In the background of each Poster there are 4 unique photographs, each relating their respective story in some way. I tried to pinpoint the most significant objects from the stories and manipulated the colour, contrast and brightness to make the texture feel less obvious and cliche.