Hubble Space Telescope - Exhibition branding

 In this university project I created the branding for a hypothetical exhibition for the Science museum to celebrate the Hubble Space Telescope’s 25th year in service. With the brief stating that the target audience is for children, I specifically wanted to create a bonding experience for children to have with their parents whom also have somewhat of an interest in space. This would be achieved by supplying a free handout with every ticket, simply put- this artefact would basically be a sticker book in the shape of a 3-fold flier. Spaced around the exhibition would be sticker dispensers, one for every year. The museum goers would follow a path that leads them through the 25 years highlighting the biggest discoveries through large format artwork, projections and 3d models. The participants would take these stickers and place them in their respective year, each year has their own unique code- this will come into play later. My goal with this is to ensure that participants view all of the content on display to complete the sticker book.

As an addition to the Science Museum’s website there will be an additional webpage, here the child would be able to enter in the codes written on the stickers and unlock more new facts about each discovery. The Hubble Space Telescope’s website has an abundance of insightful knowledge about the discoveries, but the website is rather bland and hard to navigate. My aim with this extension is to carry on the interest post-exhibition and offer a followup platform for learning so that it doesn’t just stop when you leave the exhibit.

Of course this resource isn’t just for those who visit the exhibition- people can’t always make the trek down from wherever to visit the science museum. To address this issue, once the exhibition is over the website will unlock one year per day to the public, so one month after the exhibition is over there is still this valuable resource for people to reflect upon.